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Profit Enhancement

Freed Maxick specializes in helping companies discover and achieve their bottom line potential. We provide a focused strategy that challenges corporate decision makers to broaden the horizons of their thought processes regarding profit generation. Every business wants to maximize profitability. To do so requires controlling costs, getting and keeping customers, motivating people to share in the passion of success, and identifying and committing the resources necessary to do it every day. It is not what we know, it’s what we do with what we know.

At Freed Maxick, we know how to implement the successful solution that’s right for you. Let us construct a climate in which all key members of the management team make a Compact for Commitment:

  • Assigning and accepting responsibility for Profit Enhancement
  • Visualizing new opportunities
  • Possessing the courage to change
  • Developing an unrestrictive perspective
  • Gaining a recognition of the possibilities

Most companies have a business plan and a sales/ marketing plan, but few have a profit plan. Too often we focus on the mechanics of working in a business rather than the process of working on the business. For example, how often have you heard terminology like re-work, re-do, re-package, re-design, or; likewise, have you experienced labels of unsold, unproductive, unusable, unacceptable in your work? These are indicators of profit fumbles which are causing your company to leave profit opportunities on the table!

The Profit Enhancement Process – 100 Ways, is a nationally recognized profit program in which our staff has been fully trained to develop and implement profit solutions. Our team will provide a three-step process for (1) the identification of profit opportunities; (2) the development of a profit-focused culture within your company; and, (3) the implementation of profit enhancement projects which will allow you to capture the profits within your firm and keep them in place.

The three phases of the profit enhancement process include:

  • The Profit Opportunities Assessment Report – an initial identification of profit initiatives which will assist you in narrowing the gap between your organization’s present and desired future.
  • Creating a Profit Team and an inventory of Unrealized Profit Potential – create a profit culture within the company encouraging individuals to accept responsibility for profitability.
  • Implementation – great ideas are worthless unless they are put into practice and our team is there to ensure that desired activities become part of overall performance.

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