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Strategic Planning

We operate our businesses today in a sea of constant change. It is imperative that management teams in these businesses research, develop and implement strategic plans to help manage change. Long-range planning is necessary to help your organization, its owners and its managers determine its mission, vision and goals, as well as establish a realistic set of action steps to get there. It’s all about creating a distinct competitive advantage.

Freed Maxick has a team of experienced professionals with the knowledge and skills to help your organization develop and implement a comprehensive and detailed strategic plan. Our consultants use a unique planning process that will help you determine what you want your organization to look like in the future, optimize your potential in the right markets, organize internally to meet the challenges of the future, overcome operational challenges, and meet and exceed growth and profit goals.

Ultimately, your success with the discipline of strategic planning does not rest with outside consultants, but with your team. We help assure that your team buys into the planning process and your plan. Success comes when the plan becomes the one that your organization intends to implement. Our role is process manager, facilitator, business adviser and devil’s advocate.

Features and Deliverables:

Some of the features and deliverables of strategic planning include:

  • Comprehensive strategic situation assessments, including both internal and external (market) perspectives
  • High-level, value-added consultation from people familiar with strategic business management and “out-of-the-box” thinking
  • Professionally delivered and facilitated strategic planning retreats in which you and your team build your mission, vision, values, growth strategy, organizational strategy, etc.
  • Coaching and personal assistance to top management
  • Support services to help you communicate your emerging direction to your stakeholders
  • Co-implementation services so that your plan actually gets monitored and implemented
  • Plan authorship and documentation services by skilled writers who can keep your plan concise, clean and complete


Strategic planning ultimately provides your organization with a compass for managing change and achieving profitability and future growth.

Strategic planning also:

  • Focuses your organization on the issues that are most important
  • Helps management and employees think strategically — not just day-to-day
  • Generates consensus, commitment and teamwork by involving key management and staff
  • Provides specific action plans and goals, giving direction to the entire team
  • Helps your team deal with internal and external barriers
  • Provides a non-threatening framework for discussion of all internal issues so that they can be resolved
  • Teaches your organization how to address difficult issues and determine positive, effective solutions
  • Reassures all stakeholders that steps are being taken so that your organization will continue to thrive and prosper
  • Helps to create a unique market position that will differentiate your organization in the marketplace


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