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Disaster Recovery: Business Continuity Planning

A catastrophe is never in anyone’s plans. But have you taken the time to consider how your business would continue operating in the event of a disaster? If not, you could be risking all the work you’ve put into building a successful organization.

Most businesses will experience threats to their critical systems — threats like power outage, fire, flood or a computer virus. Critical systems disruptions — no matter how long — are not only frustrating, but can cause severe financial losses and threaten the survival of your organization.

Businesses depend heavily on computer technology, communications and automated systems. Disruption for even a few days can cause irreparable financial damage. While all disasters can’t be predicted or prevented, their effects can be mitigated. That’s why a business continuity plan is so important. It not only provides your organization with a comprehensive statement of actions to be taken before, during and after a disaster to minimize its impact, it also offers a certain level of comfort in knowing that if a catastrophe occurs, it will not result in complete financial disaster.

How we can help

Freed Maxick CPAs provides organization-wide business continuity planning. Developing a business continuity plan is a difficult and complex process. Our advisors work with you to develop a plan that you can have confidence in — one that provides for seamless continuation of important business operations and recovery of facilities, technology and other critical resources. Our approach to business continuity planning often includes the following elements:

  • Evaluation and prioritization of critical needs
  • A comprehensive written plan addressing the key operations in each functional area
  • Identification of high-risk threats, their impact and prevention techniques
  • Prioritization of processing and operations to determine the recovery timeframe required for each operation, function, system or service
  • Analysis of existing disaster recovery insurance
  • Review of potential recovery facilities and off-site procedures


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