MAX Internship -Buffalo CPA Firm
MAX Internship -Buffalo CPA Firm
MAX Internship -Buffalo CPA Firm
MAX Internship -Buffalo CPA Firm

E.A.R.N. – test

Employee Advancement Retention Network - Buffalo Rochester NY

As an industry, we are challenged by an environment where many women are leaving the Firm and often public accounting altogether, well before growing into leadership positions. To address these retention matters and strengthen the diversity of our Firm, a core group of employees from a variety of departments and office locations were given the challenge of researching the issue and developing a long-term strategy. In the process of creating a Women’s Initiative, it became apparent that the female employees weren’t the only demographic with a desire for developmental opportunities, training and support. A section of the male population took notice of our efforts and expressed a request for inclusion. This resulted in the launch of E.A.R.N. (Employee Advancement and Retention Network) whose mission is to provide a substantive opportunity for Freed Maxick employees to partake in activities that will lead them to their professional development, advancement and retention within the Firm.

“How do we measure success? By the creation of culture changes and positive experiences of an inclusive work environment.”


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“Good sponsorship or mentoring is a critical component to maximizing professional success.”