As a full-time employee of our Firm, you are strongly encouraged to take and pass the CPA exam!   Freed Maxick & Battaglia will assist you in the following ways:


We have partnered with Becker CPA Review to provide assistance to our employees in studying for the exam.

  • CPA students who complete the Becker course pass the CPA exam at twice the rate of non-Becker Students
  • Over 400,000 CPAs have successfully passed the exam using the Becker CPA Review course
  • The course is offered in three flexible formats: Live, Online or Self-Study CD

As a Freed Maxick employee, you will qualify for taking the course at a significant savings. The cost can be taken as a payroll deduction.


The Directors of Freed Maxick & Battaglia, CPAs, PC are offering the following to financially assist our employees in taking and passing the exam, thereby providing them a much-valued, transferable, lifelong credential!

This policy applies to all entry-level, first and second year staff accountants, who are CPA/Promotion track employees:

  • Upon hire, you will receive $1,000 to cover costs of sitting for the CPA exam
  • You will have 6 (six) months from your start date to register for the CPA exam. Upon registration completion, you will provide receipts of the transaction(s) to the Human Resources Department.


You will be paid for the time you take to sit for the exam: A maximum of two days at a time, a maximum of four attempts.


If you sit for and pass all parts of the CPA exam within the first two years of your hire date, you will receive a $1,500 bonus!