This event being hosted by the Social Media Club of Buffalo caught my interest on several levels. It’s the intersection of sports, journalism and social media. These are three areas I find interesting as it is. But when they converge, it makes it all that much more interesting! What strikes me the most is how I totally agree that social media is impacting the profession of Journalism. Yes, even sports journalism. Do you remember late last year, when Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson used Twitter to create a stir after he dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass in OT against the Steelers? In a post-game tweet, he created this controversy. This was a perfect example of how social media impacted the news cycle. This event being held Feb 9th includes a panel discussion about the impact social media is having on sports journalism. On the panel will be some of the best local and national sports reporters around. Sounds like an interesting evening. Freed Maxick proudly supports the Social Media Club of Buffalo and many of our employees attend their events. We’re also proud sponsors of Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres programming on the radio in Buffalo and Rochester, so we have a real interest in this program. To find out more or to register for the event, Check out: An Evening of Sports Journalism and Social Media with Social Media Club Buffalo