As the Marketing Director at Freed Maxick, I often get the opportunity to speak with the media, conduct interviews and take part in community events. If you follow our Firm, you may know that Freed Maxick is a founding sponsor of the CEO Hour on WCEO-HQ Radio, which is an interactive two hour radio show with hosts Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas.  It’s an internet-based radio show affiliated with the World Syndicated Radio and the Washington Times and is geared towards the Upstate New York business community.  Last week, I was a guest on the show and had the opportunity to give listeners a peek “under the hood” of how an accounting firm operates in tax season, our role with clients and how we market our services. Here is “part 1” of my interview on the CEO Hour with Bruce and Diana. If you learned something new, or have additional questions/thoughts, we’d like to hear from you!

Eric interview on WCEO-HQ 4.29.11. Part 1