Our dinner table basking in the glow of their AAM awards. Freed Maxick took home three, but who’s counting?

As someone who’s typically more comfortable behind the scenes sharing thoughts and ideas graphically, I decided to venture out and share my experiences on our FreedStyle Blog.
You might be thinking, “Why would a Graphic Designer want to work at an Accounting Firm?” I can answer that in one word: opportunity. Opportunity to learn. Opportunity to grow. And, opportunity to be a part of a forward-thinking team where my ideas are sought out and valued. Right from day one, I was given the freedom to use my creativity and experience to change the way Freed Maxick & Battaglia is perceived. It’s been less than a year, but I already feel like I’ve accomplished so much – in print, online, and beyond!
I am continually learning about this complex industry, and the challenges related to marketing and advertising an accounting firm. This year, I was invited to attend the AAM (Association of Accounting Marketing) Conference held in Chicago the 2nd week in June. Who knew there were so many Accounting Firms with internal Marketing teams? I had the pleasure of meeting Marketing Directors from huge billion dollar firms, as well as individual professionals responsible for just about all aspects of their firm’s marketing and advertising efforts. Joining my colleagues, Eric Majchrzak and Emily Burns, at this conference has made me feel like part of an even larger, nationwide team, as we all struggle with similar challenges. I’m eager to take what I’ve learned from this conference and apply it to my design work.
The most important thing I’m taking away from this experience is that in order to differentiate our firm in this competitive market, we need to listen to our clients. Only then will we be able to better serve them.
See you next time!