Okay, so if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen and / or heard a bit of buzz on a new project we’re working on here in the FMB Marketing Department.  Although I’m bound to secrecy, I can tell you a bit about a couple of the props we needed to secure for one of the photo shoots.  Those fine-feathered props were what we now refer to as the “Darla” chickens.  (Okay, so they actually didn’t have names, but that’s what the cage said, so that’s what we went with.)

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to borrow a chicken in this town!   We had all hands on deck looking for a typical, run-of-the-mill bird for an hour-long photo shoot.  While our friends at Block Club Creative reached out to their contacts, we in the Marketing Department conducted our own search through friends, family and acquaintances – all with no luck.  We were all ready to implement Plan B, when Ms. Emily Burns came through!

Through a friend, Emily was able to arrange for us to borrow the Darla chickens from Mrs. Trish Fischer, of Pembroke, NY.  So the night before the shoot my husband (Kyle), 4 ½ year old son (Owen) and I took a little road trip to the Fischer Farm to “meet our new clucky friends” as Owen said. This was such a fun trip for all of us, especially Owen.  Trish was incredibly hospitable in showing us around her farm, which included multiple chickens, mini-goats, sheep, horses, and 3 pooches.  Trish also devotes her spare time to help foster SPCA animals, which in this case was a new Pit Bull mom and her week old puppies.  Owen even got the opportunity to feed the goats and sheep!

After a short care and feeding tutorial we brought the girls back to our home in West Seneca, where they spent the night before the shoot.  We actually forgot they were in the back seat of our truck until we’d hear a very faint, “bawk, bawk.”  Hilarious!  They were incredibly well-mannered house guests, and absolute stars in front of the camera.

We all enjoyed the opportunity to be around these amazing creatures, and it made us appreciate our Sunday morning breakfast just a little bit more.

*Oh, and by the way, one of the Darlas left us one beautiful, brown egg on the day of the shoot. We were eggstatic. 😉