It is that time of year again to go on campus for our “Meet The Accountants” events and on-campus recruiting in general.

My two cents…….. So, many times I meet students and they admit that they have never heard of the firm and/or have never been to the website!  Some good advice for those seeking out a job, if you are going to meet with a future employer, you need to do your homework.  Check out the company’s website to get a sense of the employer, the corporate culture you might expect to find there, the type of business they do and the services they provide, etc. Checking out the website is a good way to arm yourself with knowledge that you might find useful during an interview.

The reason you go through all those years of schooling is to get employed after graduation…… so, do a little research to help get yourself ahead of the game and armed with the right info to stand out.

Also, I’m interested to know what blogs you have enjoyed reading here best. It is important that we know what content is useful, helpful and what you may like to see more of. Leave your comments in the comments section to keep us informed so we can help guide you through your accounting career!

SYOC- See you on campus !!