I read a lot of technology and “geeky” type blogs and websites throughout the work week to stay in tune with what’s going on in the online/digital space. It’s these blogs and websites that help inspire me with new ideas and also to identify tools that can help us here at Freed Maxick, or give us good ideas to build upon.

I recently found this cool new tool, that builds an infographic style resume by feeding in information from your LinkedIn profile. Very cool! You can check it out at http://vizualize.me/ and play around to see what your info looks like in graphic form.

Now, these types of creative resumes may not be appropriate for careers within finance or accounting, where HR reps are likely more on the lookout for a more traditional resume layout, however, for anyone in a creative field, or looking to really make an impact upon turning in their resume, this is a very cool way to go.