When you’re considering a career in public accounting, (or perhaps you’re looking to switch firms), I want you to consider how the firm perceives social media.  Does the firm embrace? Is social part of the culture?  Just dabblin’ in it? Or is it something that’s prohibited in the office? I think this is important because it provides a glimpse into what it might be like to work at the firm. Social media, at its core, is about relationships and trust. The firm that embraces social media will most likely be the firm that embraces AND trusts you. So when you are interviewing, ask the questions: Does your firm embrace social media? Do you have a social media policy? Do you provide social media training?

As the Marketing Director of Freed Maxick, I get the opportunity to work with our professional staff to help them develop their social media skills and strategies. Through proper training and education, these tools can empower the individual to accomplish some serious business objectives. Some common objectives might be:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Improving client service and relations
  • Enhancing community involvement
  • Creating awareness of your expertise or service offerings
  • Helping you become a recognized thought leader
  • Building trust and credibility

I’m proud to say that Freed Maxick has been an early adopter firm when it comes to social media. We do desk-side social media training and group training for our employees. Some terrific resources for accountants interested in learning more about social media are available at:

Association for Accounting Marketing
Accounting Today Institute
AICPA Social Media Toolkit

Accounting Marketing Blog
Golden Practice Blog

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about how social media can play a role in your accounting career. 716-332-2773 or eric.majchrzak@freedmaxick.com