The Town of Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, NY, has been named one of the 100 best communities in the country for young people by America’s Promise Alliance. Amherst, chosen as a first time 100 best winning community, is now recognized as one of the nation’s premier places for young people, due to it’s community programs and volunteer initiatives.

From the America’s Promise Alliance website, “The 100 Best Communities for Young People presented by ING is an annual competition, now in its fifth cycle, that rewards and recognizes communities making extraordinary efforts to reduce dropout rates and provide outstanding services and supports to their youth. These communities, while not without their own challenges to overcome, have demonstrated a significant and lasting commitment to their youth for which they deserve to be recognized and commended.”

Growing up in Getzville, a tiny enclave just outside of East Amherst, NY, which is part of the town of Amherst, I was able to take part in many of the great offerings the community had available for its young people including great outdoor pool and playground facilities, ice skating rinks, educational and ongoing education opportunities, youth groups and activities. I have to say that it’s a great place to grow up and raise a family.

Buffalo, NY is home to many suburban places like Amherst, perfectly suited for a safe, happy, comfortable and most importantly, an affordable  life. The city itself is also amazing, with many unique cultural institutions, amazing architecture and ecclectic neighbrodhoods that have only grown stronger with each passing year. If you are considering a new job opportunity, why not consider a position at one of our three Western New York offices, in Buffalo, Batavia or Rochester, NY!