When I was first interviewing for public accounting jobs the one thing that stood out most for me was the concept of work/life balance.  I work to live not live to work.  So how can someone balance work and life when working to get the job throughout the week?

My intentions entering public accounting were to get my two years experience needed for a CPA license, then find a job outside of public accounting so I could have a “real” work/life balance. Now, three years into my career and still in public accounting, the thought of changing jobs never crosses my mind. I can’t say this would be true if I was at another firm, but Freed Maxick makes this a priority. The firm offers a flexible work schedule and the ability to stay connected to your outside interests.

When I have to take the car in, or have furniture being delivered, or the rare occasion it snows so much I can’t get out of the driveway, (ok maybe not that rare), I am able to make it work.  With most of our work now paperless, getting the job done is as easy as turning my laptop on. Partners and managers treat you as a professional from day one and in return,  they expect you to get the work done and to be there reasonable hours to best serve your clients, but there is flexibility there to keep up with life outside of the office as well.

It is because of the commitment at Freed Maxick to the work/life balance that even during tax season I am able to play in a volleyball league and a dart league, serve as treasurer for the B_ Team Buffalo, Inc., and watch the sports game with friends.  So for all of you who are college students and just starting your professional career, make it a priority and make it your employer’s priority to balance work and life, and I am telling you that it is possible!