Some of our Freed Maxick employees, along with Foxy Delivery, came together last week to help transfer over 20 boxes of warm winter weather clothing and accessories donated for students of Buffalo’s P.S. 45 International School and their families. The drop off was successful, with Buffalo based employees donating everything needed for the cold weather to come. The need is great for winter clothing as many of the school’s newcomer refugees do not have appropriate winter clothing and this will be their first winter here in Western New York!

As a city-based Firm, we wanted to choose a Buffalo public school to be the recipient of the gently used or new sweaters, hoodies, etc. collected and donated by our employees. Buffalo’s International School #45 at 141 Hoyt Street in Buffalo is home to 850 of Buffalo’s most amazing students, grades K through 6! Students at the school come from all reaches of the world.  With over 30 countries represented and over 30 languages spoken, this school is truly a hidden gem and their halls are rich with diversity.  With students coming from countries such as Burma, Somalia, Yemen, Thailand, Iraq, and Burundi, the more popular languages spoken at the school include Karen, Arabic, Somali, Burmese, Kirundi, and Vietnamese.

International School #45 supports a global, multicultural perspective that fosters understanding and acceptance of diversity among students and staff, high academic achievement and social responsibility. They are committed to helping each student reach his/her highest potential through strong, collaborative relationships with family and community partners. The dedicated staff provides explicit, differentiated instruction, using research-based programs that align with the District’s Academic Achievement Plan.

It is the school’s goal to provide students with the opportunity for maximum personal growth, achieved through a positive and supportive relationship between parent, student, and teacher. The expected outcome of this goal is students who have the ability to reason, solve problems, and communicate effectively, resulting in lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

We are proud to help provide these students with some of the necessities of a colder climate, and are thankful that our employees stepped up to the plate to donate all that was collected. A special thanks also goes out to local courier service Foxy Delivery, for donating transportation of the items! Thanks for your help, and for making someone’s winter a bit warmer!