Did you know that a career in the accounting field can take you all over the world? That’s right, it’s not just about working in an office or sitting behind a desk for many of Freed Maxick’s employees, it’s getting out into the field to serve their clients, take on unique tasks and responsibilities, grow, learn about new businesses and industries, carefully examine their clients’ special needs, and help people by providing financial services, information and the  education that they ask for.

International Symposium on Asset-Based Lending

A great example of one of our own employees doing something pretty cool recently, is the exciting trip that our own Howard A. Rein, CPA, CFE, President of Freed Maxick ABL Services, took to China. Howie took part in a historic event, the “International Symposium on Asset-Based Lending”, held in Shanghai, China on December 8 & 9. The International Finance Corporation IFC, World Bank Group China office worked along with with the CFA (Commercial Finance Association) of the United States and the PBOC (People’s Bank of China), to co-sponsor the Symposium.

The aim of the symposium was international best lending practices for Asset Based Lending. Expertise in this area was shared with more than 150 Chinese bankers, government officials and regulators in attendance, using unique translation techniques to communicate the information presented by the U.S. delegates. Howie was one of eight delegates from the CFA and sat on panels discussing Audit Impacts and Considerations with respect to Accounts Receivable and Inventory Collateral, Field Examination Practice and Procedures, and Fraud Detection and Prevention. Big stuff!

The People’s Bank of China is the world’s largest financial institution, with $2.7 trillion in reserves. The Chinese Government, in conjunction with the United States Government reached out to the CFA to sponsor this delegation of lending experts in their field of discipline to conduct this International Symposium.

What’s so unique about this entire experience is that China has faced some unique issues in this arena and that is why they reached out to the U.S. to learn best practices. This is a global economy, an increasingly inter-connected world with free movement of capital across many countries, and this information exchange between the two countries was a very innovative way to address China’s need to learn something new from those who were doing something successfully. We live in a world where we can share ideas and best practices within a specific industry across international borders, and it was very cool to have one of our own present at this event, traveling all the way from Buffalo, NY to China!

So, if you think a career in accounting is going to be boring, think again! Howie’s trip to China goes to show that a career with Freed Maxick means you will truly be going places with your job! Check out some of his China trip photos on our Facebook account and consider joining Freed Maxick for an awesome career in accounting!