A New Year is here!  New opportunities to start fresh!  Face new challenges and achieve new goals!  To look ahead with great expectations tempered by just a little thoughtful anticipation!

This time of year also finds a lot of us waxing nostalgic over the year that’s just gone by.  What did we accomplish? Improve? Who did we assist? Impress? Inspire?

In December, Freed said “Thank you and best wishes” to two beloved Directors.  Kathy Carey, the Firm’s first female director, announced her retirement earlier in the year.  Those of us who worked with Kathy and were lucky enough to call her a friend, knew her as a true trailblazer, an advocate for not just females but for employees everywhere seeking out a personal and professional balance through prioritizing and an alternative work schedule.

After 50 busy seasons in the profession, (yes – that’s 5 – 0), Arnie Maxick, a founding father of our Firm, officially retired to begin the next phase of his career.  We wished him well over lunch at the newly-renovated Statler City.  The room was full of people who worked with Arnie – some four months, some 40 years but Arnie new every one there by name.

Before remarks were given and funny stories were told, Leonard Freed surprised us all, joining the event to send his friend off in proper “Freed style.”

As I looked at all the full tables of Freed Maxick employees, I knew we were all feeling the same – pride in our firm – its extraordinary history, its exciting present, its wondrous future.  The Founders, the new Leaders, all of us a part of what began in 1958 with about 10 people.

We shared a laugh, expressed our gratitude and some of us wiped a tear as we said our goodbyes to Arnie and Kathy.

As an era ends, a new one begins, and so starts the next chapter for Freed Maxick CPAs, P.C.