Buffalo is an amazing place to live, work and play. One of the most fascinating things about Buffalo is the eclectic and rich culture that both the city and the people possess. Whether it art, music or history, Buffalo, NY has it all, and we are lucky to live in a region that offers so much to do throughout all of the four very beautiful seasons.

Today was an example of something very interesting to do, and why Buffalo is such a cool place to live. During lunch hour I headed out across the street from my Liberty Building office (located at Lafayette Square in downtown Buffalo) for a free tour of the historic Hotel Lafayette, which is currently under a $35 million rehabilitation and renovation for downtown retail, living and event use. The hotel will be converted into 115 one and two bedroom apartments and 34 hotel rooms. Several bars, restaurants and other businesses have signed to occupy the first floor. The renovation is being conducted by well known Buffalo property developer, Rocco Termini, who led the tour this afternoon. Termini mentioned during his tour, that much of the work was due to the successful use of historic tax credits, and by the looks of this article in the Buffalo News, many people agree they make projects like this possible.

As I walked through the building and work space, I marveled at the history inside. Amazing architectural details brought back to life, and a new beginning to downtown. I cannot wait to attend a wedding, after work happy hour or special event in this revitalized space, and love how Buffalo is making what’s old new again, for people of all ages to enjoy.

Take a look at the tour photos I posted on our firm’s Facebook page, and check out how beautiful the space is looking. Only a few short weeks until it opens to the public for some special events, so best of luck for a speedy completion and lots of success in the future!