Now that tax season has been over for two weeks and I have had time to unwind, I can finally head outside and enjoy the unexpected exceptionally warm spring weather we are experiencing.  Although the tax department has a busy summer full of work ahead, it will not keep us from our favorite summer activities.  A healthy work/life balance (very important here at Freed) allows me to play golf and basketball more often.

I have already played 5 rounds of golf and am hoping the additional time on the course will give me an edge over my friends… that’s doubtful, but I can hope.  My last round I actually shot very well, it must have been the amazing weather.  I don’t ever remember golfing on May 3 and it being 80 degrees and sunny out.

I am hoping to get two rounds a week in and I don’t know if that would be possible without the support all of the managers and partners for a positive and healthy work/life balance.  I also enjoy playing basketball and in the next month I am going to need to play a lot.  On June 2 and 3 I will be playing in the Buffalo Gus Macker tournament.  For those of you who have not heard of this event it is an outdoor basketball tournament that takes place in downtown Buffalo.  This tournament is a tradition for me, I have been playing in it since I was 11 years old. The last few years the tradition has changed slightly, it went from four young players excited to try and win a trophy to four late 20s early 30s slightly out of shape office workers trying not to get too embarassed by college kids!! Wish us luck.

If you would like to volunteer, check out Emily’s blog post!