On Thursday June 7th, I attended the Corporate Challenge, held for the last 32 years in Delaware park, located in Buffalo, NY. Being my first few weeks at Freed Maxick, I had never attended an event like this, with five hundred companies attending. I even found out that the Corporate Challenge was held in cities around the world, and I thought that was so cool!

Since I really don’t know everyone at the firm, I felt it was a good way to get to know my co-workers a little better, and to see some of their families. After finding our way to the tent reserved for the firm, we set up for the food and drinks that were being used for the people who attended.

As more and more people started to arrive from different companies, it felt sort of like a reunion of sorts. People from all different companies that knew each other were talking and mingling about. I had never seen over 12,000 runners, walkers, friends, and family come together and have such a good time without it feeling too overly crowded, or formal. It felt like a fun and family friendly party.

I walked the course, which was a 3.5-mile course. But the crowd was excited, and there was music playing the whole time, which got everybody pumped up. As the race started, the announcers came on the loudspeakers and thanked the companies for coming to the event. I thought that even with so many people, it felt like one combined group was running simply for the fun of it. There were people of all ages running the race, which I thought was really cool.

The course followed some beautiful areas of Buffalo, and I thought that even going throughout the neighborhoods, it felt like the neighbors were having a good time too, as it seemed that so many were sitting outside watching the runners go by. Some people were even waving to the runners from their driveways, which was really fun.

After the race, there was food at the firm’s tent, and it was so delicious! Everyone from Freed Maxick had a great time coming together, and it really felt like a family friendly environment. Having never really experienced anything like the corporate challenge, I really felt that it was a good way to have fun with other people from Freed, and to really get to know them. Being new to the firm, I have to say that I definitely want to come back next year to the Corporate Challenge. I may even end up running the whole thing!