Living in Buffalo year-round, I realized that I often forget the great places and attractions that Buffalo and Western New York have to offer, one of them being the Buffalo Zoo. My mom and I decided to go there since we both hadn’t been in years, and it seemed like a perfect day, with clear skies, the sun shining, and a cool breeze… (Buffalo has four beautiful seasons, including amazing summer weather!)

The zoo is conveniently located on Parkside Avenue right next to Delaware Park in Northern Buffalo, and has its own parking lot. It’s a short walk down the street to the entrance, and the prices for admission are reasonable. Memberships are also available, which is a great idea for families who may visit often, or those who wish to support the zoo.

Once we got inside, we saw tons of exotic animals, and I forgot how fun it is to walk around to the different exhibits and see all kinds of animals from around the world. There were even fun signs with facts about the animals at each exhibit. I found out that there are over 1,200 animals at the zoo, which is much more than I thought when I first arrived!

Some of my favorite parts of the day were going into the Gorilla exhibit, where the baby Gorilla climbed up and sat right next to the window where we were standing, or the Rainforest Falls exhibit, where you can walk around a greenhouse with a waterfall and tons of plant life. The rainforest themed exhibit replicates the unique geology and ecology of Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, home to Angel Falls – the tallest waterfall in the world. There were ant eaters there, turtles, monkeys, and all different kinds of birds. I even found out that rainforests produce 40% of the earth’s oxygen. It was really cool feeling like you’re inside a rainforest.  When we left that exhibit, we went to see some of my favorite animals including lions, tigers, and giraffes.

For lunch, we ate at a restaurant cleverly named “The Beastro,” which had some quick and easy sandwiches that we ate at a picnic table outside. There was even a petting zoo for kids, a merry-go-round, and a train ride for the smaller children.

Overall, I found that the Buffalo Zoo was a great place to spend an afternoon, no matter how old you are. I had an awesome time walking around and seeing all the animals, and it’s definitely something that I plan on doing again in the future. Check out my PHOTOS on FACEBOOK!

Buffalo and Western New York offer tons of fun and exciting things to do for people of all ages, and is a great place to live, work and play in. I look forward to exploring more of the region this summer and fall, and sharing some of what I enjoy with those who may be seeking a career and a life in Western New York. It’s a great place to be!