Our friends at the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise put together an awesome “Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide” for those who may be considering a career in our area. It’s a great wealth of information for someone considering making a move to the region, and we hope you’ll share it with those who may be looking at options in Western New York. Plus, if you are considering an accounting career, definitely check out careers with Freed Maxick!

From their website,
“The Buffalo Niagara region is comprised of eight counties that form the western-most end of New York State. The region is strategically located with in 500 miles (800 km) of 40% of the continental North American population and is a bi-national gateway for commerce, facilitating $81 billion in annual trade between Canada and the United States.
Download a pdf or explore the map above for more county information. Buffalo Relocation Guide

Western New York is a region deeply rooted in history yet moving boldly toward a dynamic future. To learn more about our region, view the Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide.

Exploring the Buffalo Niagara region is exciting and fun but before you do, you need to ensure the lights go on in your house, the heat works, and any permits, licenses or other logistics are taken care of.
View the ‘Settling In’ section of our relocation guide for helpful information.”