Freed Maxick is heavily involved in community affairs. Whether that is through the act of volunteer work or charitable sponsorships, there are few things in the community that Freed Maxick doesn’t leave its mark on. As an employee of the firm, this can lead to some wonderful perks and opportunities. One of those perks is being able to represent Freed Maxick in some of the charity golf tournaments that they sponsor.

After a stressful and busy Tax/Audit season, early summer time usually means one thing in the accounting world….GOLF. Through the sponsorships of Freed Maxick, during the spring and summer months, anyone from the Batavia office (including males and females, young and old) that showed an interest in playing golf was able to represent the firm in a variety of charity golf tournaments. Some of the organizations that put on golf tournaments that Freed Maxick supported included the YMCA, ARC, Notre Dame High School, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts of America and Leadership Genesee. I know I can speak for everyone that participated in these golf tournaments, being able to represent such a distinguished firm in the community is a joy and an honor.

Aside from being a good way to support local organizations and charities, golf is a great way to build business relationships. Being able to communicate and interact with a client or co-worker in a business environment is important, but building social relationships with co-workers and clients is also just as important. I believe that golf is one of the ways to build those social relationships. You’d be surprised how much “business” can actually get done on the golf course.

So before you pass on your next opportunity to play a round of golf remember, this old saying… “A bad day at golf usually beats a good day at work.”