The national accounting community voted, our Buffalo, Batavia and Rochester employees voted, trade publication Accounting Today’s judges voted, and we now have our very own Accounting Today (national trade publication) “Accountant of the Month!” Congrats to the winner Michael Biondo, a Tax Supervisor in the Buffalo office. Voters used Facebook to cast their votes and he came out number one! Way to go!

though Michael is considered to be one of the “quiet” ones in Freed Maxick’s tax department, he really comes out of his shell with a rather intriguing-out-of-the-office hobby. Besides enjoying spending time with his son, playing golf, kayaking and going to the movies, most of his free time over the past 20 years has been spent recreating the Middle Ages. As a member of The Society of Creative Anachronism, Michael is dedicated to researching and recreating the arts, skill, and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe. He even participates in full-contact armored combat!

It’s during battle that he uses skills like tactical knowledge and determination to achieve his goals. It’s something that translates to his work in the office when he’s serving his clients’ tax needs. Hard working and always up for a challenge, Michael takes his job seriously and is fearless when it comes to overcoming tough challenges, just like out on the front lines of battle.

You can check out the winner and the four finalists on Facebook if you have an account: