If you absolutely LOVE a good adventure and don’t mind driving less than an hour from Buffalo, then look no further than the Sky High Adventure Park located within the Holiday Valley Ski Resort in Ellicottville, New York.

Opening in Western New York’s ski country on May 21 2012, the Sky High Adventure Park hosts what they call the Aerial Park and their Mountain Coaster. I had never been through Ellicottville in the summer, and I can honestly say that this town has tons of charm and beauty all around it. My family, our family friend Allison, and I stayed there for the weekend in the beautiful Wingate by Windham hotel (11 Mill St. Ellicottville, NY 14731). Walking through the small and beautiful little town lets you see all the perfect landscape around you and each shop on the small main street is filled with gifts and items for everyone. Ellicottville boasts golf courses, skiing, snowboarding, lodging, restaurants, and many festivals.

On our second day in Ellicottville, we got up and got ready for the Aerial Park, which I was super pumped about. I love challenges like a ropes course, because I love a good outdoor adventure. The prices for the park are $45 dollars for a three hour ticket and a safety tutorial, but there are certain rules for the people wanting to participate.

There are nine courses, with different levels of difficulty. The more difficult the course, the higher up in the trees it is. When you’re getting ready, you’re put into a safety harness with safety locking lanyards that ensure you won’t fall if you should slip or let go. Children must be at least seven years of age, and there is a weight limit of 250 pounds for every rider.

My family, Allison, and I walked up to the course area, and were amazed by the intricate courses designed for different physical abilities. There were also staff around for help should a question or problem pop up. I found that a strong fear of heights was there for my mother and sister, but they stayed on and finished the courses that they started, which must’ve been really tough to overcome.

Not only were the courses physically challenging, but mentally challenging as well. You needed at least a small amount of physical strength and the smarts to assess the best ways to cross each set of ropes. The scariest one for me was walking across a thin tightrope to the next platform. Talk about heart pounding!

After we were done, we took zip lines all the way to the bottom of the course, and back to the base. My family wasn’t as thrilled with the course as I was, since they have a strong fear of heights, but I thought that overall, the ropes course and the town were an absolutely fantastic way to spend a weekend. So if you’re looking for a quick getaway with fun adventures, Ellicotville is a fantastic place to check out, no matter what season it is.