It’s promotion season here. Last month, Freed Maxick promoted 29 people to new positions. Pretty significant given what’s happening with the economy. We continue to grow, develop new niches, meet and add new clients and hire more qualified talent.

I thought I would do a quick history check and see how many people we’ve promoted in the last five years. That number is 142. One hundred and forty two people advanced their careers, made it to the next level, set a goal and achieved it. Nine of those people were promoted to Director. Two of those Directors began their careers here as interns. Now that’s a success story.

It got me thinking about promotions, awards, etc. Freed has been the fortunate recipient of many of those lately. While we certainly and wholeheartedly congratulate all of our Employees on their remarkable achievements, we need to remember there are many unnamed people who also deserve some credit.

There’s an old saying: “no man is an island.” The actual quote from British poet John Donne is “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main …” Words from 400 years ago still have value today.

Smart people who are really tuned in know their accomplishments are shared by the people who give them support.


• The parent or teacher who got them excited in what would eventually become a career or area of interest;
• The person who was willing to take a chance and gave them their first big break;
• The other staff members at the company who do good work and provide efficiencies that help expedite a process and allow the person to place their focus in other areas;
• The spouse/significant other/family member who gave up some of their time to help and were willing to make that sacrifice;
• The mentor who encouraged them to focus, recognize their talents and reach for the challenge;
• The supervisor who provided the opportunity and flexibility to chase an opportunity;
• The company who was open to an idea, provided funding and agreed to any needed accommodations in pursuit of the goal.

I’m not suggesting that people reach into their pockets for a two-page acceptance speech like we see at the Academy Awards. Just saying: Yes, congratulations is well-deserved but don’t forget to say thanks!