The recruiting season is rapidly approaching. You’ve got the knowledge you need to perform well in the workplace and the grades to prove it. You’ve even completed an internship and prepared a well-edited resume, so you’re golden, right? Wrong. Now you need to show that you seriously want to work at an accounting firm.

So how do you communicate your desire and commitment, making yourself stand-out among the sea of potential new hires?

  • Show up. Attend the networking events, recruiting sessions and open houses that your target firms host. It wouldn’t hurt to make it to some of their non-recruiting events as well. Make yourself a known presence.
  • Do your research. It indicates a level of interest that’s significantly more impressive than simply submitting a resume, and can give you excellent fodder for a cover letter that gets noticed.
  • Be polite. Be on time to every event! Nothing says “Don’t hire me” like blaming Google Maps for your distracting late entrance. Know the names and titles of those you’ll be meeting, and a little about their industry niches and history with the firm.  Be prepared by knowing if you have a greater interest in Tax or Audit, depending on the type of firm you’re talking to.
  • Dress for success. Even if it’s an on-campus event, transforming into your work image is a smart step to take. You’re trying to make them think of you as colleague material, so garb yourself suitably.
  • Follow up. Following up any face-to-face meeting with a brief but heartfelt thank you is well worth your time. It makes a great impression, and offers the added benefit of cementing you in the minds of the decision-makers you met.

If you show you’re serious about the job search by following these tips, you’ve got a very promising shot at your dream job.


Jeff Phillips is CEO of CollegeFrog (  CollegeFrog matches accounting students with accounting firms for internships and entry-level positions.