The search is underway for our 2013 entry-level staff! We have multiple openings in our Buffalo, Batavia and Rochester offices, in the Audit, Tax, EAS (Small Business), Risk Management and Asset Based Lending areas.

This season, we’re trying a new approach and inviting university candidates to apply directly through our website. We’re asking for a resume, transcript and the completion of an application form so we can learn a little more about the individuals who apply. What are your interests? What are your hobbies? What Freed Maxick location interests you? Tell us so we can help place you in just the right spot at Freed.

What are we looking for? These are the students we want to meet:

• Enthusiastic individuals who want a career in public accounting and not just a place to park until becoming certified!

• Candidates with a minimum GPA of 3.4/4.0. As the work we do becomes more complex and challenging, grades are important!

• Individuals who have outside interests to balance their studies. Those who succeed at Freed have multiple hobbies and enjoy participating in fun activities outside of the classroom. Belong to a club? Play a musical instrument? Compete in a sport? We want to hear about it!

• Compassionate people who realize the importance of giving back by carving out some of their time to help others. Volunteerism is one of our key themes!

• Students who may have had some previous accounting or business-related experience. Have you assisted in your family’s business? Had an internship? Served as a Teaching Assistant or Tutor where you shared your knowledge? Worked in Customer Service? It’s about people at Freed – our employees and our clients. Tell us how what you’ve done will apply to your position here.

Finally but just as important is we want to meet those students who are themselves in the interview, and not those who try to give us the answers they think we want to hear. We meet and interview hundreds of candidates each year. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is giving rehearsed answers.

We want to hire the person we speak with in the interview, because that’s the person with whom we’ll work. Let your personality, skills, achievements, honors and interests speak for themselves.

We look forward to meeting you!