[Scene 1 – Twas the Night Before Kindergarten]

While my husband and I have been preparing our son, Owen, for this day for the past 5 years, I never really thought about how I would feel.  I’m not the type to worry too much in advance, but here it is the night before my little guy steps on the bus for the first time, and I’ve gotta tell you… I’m nervous!  A steady stream of “what ifs” have taken over my thoughts as I sit on the couch watching him snack contentedly on goldfish while watching Spongebob before bedtime.

“What if he gets scared?”

“What if he gets lost?”

“What if he’s too shy to tell anyone that he has to go to the bathroom?”

It’s funny, because although he’s confided that he’s a bit scared, I’m glad he doesn’t have a case of the “what ifs” too!

[End scene.] 

[Scene 2 – The Morning Scramble]

Surprisingly this morning was not the chaotic scramble I expected. It went pretty much according to plan: wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush/wash, and we’re ready to go. Waiting for the bus was actually quite fun – excitement was definitely in the air for all the kids and parents.  I spotted the bus coming down the street and suddenly I had butterflies, but Owen started to get excited, and my butterflies flew away.

After a mad scramble to collect his backpack and lunchbox I watched my little boy climb the giant steps of the school bus. I thought back to all the other wonderful stages of his life that I was so fortunate to be a part of: His first steps, first words, first amusement ride, and so many more.  It was then that I came to terms with this next “first,” and started looking ahead to 5pm when I get to hear all about this wonderful, exciting chapter in his life.

With the heavy emotions of  this first time experience, I am glad that I am a working mom, employed by a company that allows its employees a generous work/life balance. I have found that Freed Maxick appreciates its employees with children, and whether it be their “bring your kids to work” days, company picnics, special events, or the flexibility to leave work when a child is sick, Freed Maxick truly is a great place to work!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I’m not made of stone. I totally broke up as I watched his little face in the window as the bus drove off…