“Hey Mom, Should I Major in Accounting?”

These words were uttered by my youngest son’s classmate. He knows I’m in full-blown empty nest syndrome from having my son, (and all his friends who made our cellar their “frat house”), leave for college. So anytime I can do some mothering is a golden moment.

So I asked him, do you like accounting?  “Yea, I really do.”  That’s huge. I’ve always been a firm believer about accounting that you either get it, or you don’t.  And if you do get it, GO for it!  It is currently one of the most frequently mentioned careers on those “Top 10 careers to consider” lists.  And with the current political election, it looks to have a lot of future job security.  There will be A LOT of calculations and new taxes heading our way.

My second question: “Do you know how to tie a tie?” I was kidding of course (although he impressed me further by saying yes).  This kid will do very well.  He has the people skills that can be so elusive to so many.  He will walk in a room, shake a couple of hands and have everyone laughing. You just want to like this kid.  But he also has a brain.  (I mean, after all, he asked for MY opinion, right??)  He won’t be the kid who sits in the corner running the calculator all day, never uttering a word. Clients will quickly become comfortable with him and that’s important.  As accountant’s we have more daily people interaction than a lot of people realize.  A client who is having serious financial issues, or who is about to make a life-changing decision regarding their business, needs to know this person has their best interests at the top of his priorities.

So I will enjoy the ride, watching this young man grow into a career that I believe he is very well suited to.  As for my own kids: Our youngest is a Construction major, and is currently active on his school’s Woodsmen team-think sharp hatchets, chainsaws, and banjos!  But a career in accounting?  NOT even close.  Our daughter is currently in New York City making her mark in the production and media field.  A field that is so foreign to this accountant mom that she has to constantly explain what she’s doing.  Now my oldest son?  Oh, he definitely fought it at first.  He was going into medicine after working in a nursing home, then music after winning accolades from his high school musicals, but after two years in college and experiencing his first accounting courses, he finally faced the reality that he was destined to. He’s a CPA!  And at the ripe old age of 25, he’s already teaching me things.  I am extremely proud of them all, and anxiously awaiting the day my children can support me in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed!