During this very hectic time of year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with getting ready for the holidays and all that entails, end-of-the-year tasks, busy season anticipation and preparation, in addition to our day-to-day responsibilities.  We tend to become focused on all we have to do for our families and ourselves.

It is with great pride that on behalf of our Director group, I thank all those employees who contributed so generously to our first-ever Adopt-A-Family Program. This year, the six families we adopted, comprised of 26 people, are dealing with the following everyday:

  • Loss of all of their possessions and home in a fire
  • The traumatic brain injury of their husband and father who now lives in a nursing home
  • Physical and mental illness and coordinating multiple medical appointments
  • Trying to keep their children safe in a neighborhood ravaged by violence and gang activity
  • Under or unemployment
  • Poverty

Our employees have made a difference for these families by supporting them; demonstrating that they wanted to make this holiday season just a little more special for these families in need.

We collected almost $500 in cash and checks and were able to fill a dozen oversized boxes with all of the items each person in each family requested.  No member of each of the six families will be without at least one gift this year. Amazing!

Reading the family bios that were posted on the Buffalo office 9th floor wall was humbling. Seeing the containers full of donations was inspiring. Sometimes a little perspective is a good thing for everyone.

Once again, on behalf of the Directors of the Firm, A HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all who shopped, donated, coordinated, contributed and inventoried these donations. Additionally, thank you for the added effort our Human Resource group put forth by organizing and make this a tremendous success.  And a special thank you to our friends at FOXY Delivery, who delivered these boxes last Tuesday to Child and Family Services.

We wish each of you and your families a happy, healthy holiday season!

Ronald J. Soluri, Sr., Managing Director