Our friends at the Olmsted Parks Conservancy have a great volunteer opportunity to share with those looking to make a difference in their community and have fun! Have you ever heard of the “Flurrious Winter Festival?” It will be held on Sat Jan 26 in Delaware Park at the Parkside Lodge in Buffalo, NY and will be full of great activities for all who attend.

The festival is a family friendly event FREE and open to the public. It goes from 10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m (with some tournaments starting at 9:00 a.m. due to time constraints). Each year Buffalonians are treated to a celebration of winter like no other. Where else can you play kickball, snow tennis, or witness a major quidditch tournament, catch an outdoor hockey expo, or take a sleigh ride through a breathtaking Olmsted Park? After spending time outdoors building igloos and participating other games, it’s time to head into The Parkside Lodge where you can warm your hands by the fire while sipping hot cocoa in a comfortable chalet setting. Or step into the giant warming tent where live musicians and bands jam throughout the day!

Along with outdoor grilling, and cold beers chilling, the event features a running race, a bicycle fun ride, Kan-Jam, an all-out KICKBALL tournament, Buffalo State College science demonstrations and plenty of activities for kids of all ages!

If you’d like to volunteer to help out with this awesome event, Olmsted Parks needs your help! Any and all help you can provide would be most welcome.

They have two volunteer shifts, (morning 10am-3pm) and (evening 3pm-8pm). For dress code, everyone is to dress for the weather!  If it is COLD, wear lots of warm clothes. Most of the work is in heated tents BUT there are a few notable exceptions such as the Carnival Games and race assistants.

Job Duties:
5 Outdoor carnival games (10 volunteers over two shifts)  Outside
Fun Run sign holders (5-7 volunteers) Outside
Fun Bike Ride assistance (5-7 volunteers, can be the same as Fun Run volunteers) Outside
Basket Raffle/Food-Ticket Sales (6 people, 2 shifts) Heated Tent
Food Servers (2-4, 2 shifts) Heated Tent
Task (2-4, 2 shifts) Outdoors/Indoors as needed to help clean, answer questions and so forth.

I encourage all of our blog readers in Buffalo and their friends and family to come on out to assist!  If you cannot assist please come out and enjoy the free event! To volunteer, please contact:

Steven S. Nagowski- steven@bfloparks.org
Manager of Volunteers
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy