Part 3.  Be better than 90% of your competition and follow up!

Many of you are looking for a job or an internship in the “off-season,” where recruiting activity is less active due to the accounting busy season.  We’ve discussed the topic with recruiters, students, and career center staff and have 3 tips on how to land a great job even when recruiters are off campus.  In the first two blogs, we discussed how to build a list of future employers and how to get their attention to set an interview.  Once you’ve had the interview, what you do next is just as important.

Tip 3—Follow up

Did you know that 90% of students never follow up after an interview?  What’s more, those who do actually follow up send an email.  These are observations based on my own experience as a campus recruiter.

Email is just fine.  It’s not memorable.  If you want to be memorable, send a handwritten note.  Get stationary, or go purchase some blank thank you cards, and write a brief note as soon as your interview is over. Thank the interviewer for their time and a great conversation.  If you are still interested in their firm, say so.  Then, restate the next action that the two of you agreed on in the interview.  For instance, if the next step was for the recruiter to let you know if you’ll be offered the position, state that you are looking forward to hearing their decision.

I know what you’re thinking.  This is too easy and doesn’t make a difference.  You’ll have to trust me.  Soft skills like those we’ve covered in these three tips are difference makers not only in landing a job but standing out in the workplace throughout your career.  Happy job hunting!