This Friday, May 17th will be a “Jeans Day” in both of our Buffalo and Batavia, NY offices. Jeans Days offer employees the chance to dress down a bit more casually than usual, all for a good cause. To wears jeans that day, each employee makes a small donation that goes towards a special local cause or charity.

In Batavia, this Friday’s Jeans Day event will benefit the Genesee Cancer Assistance Festival of Hope. The Festival of Hope will take place Saturday, June 1st at the DeWitt Recreational Park from 9 am – 2 pm. A 5 K run/walk starts at 8 am and there will also be a chicken BBQ, Chinese Auction and Awards. Employees’ donations will help a great cause, but we also encourage those in the area to come on out and attend and participate to support this worthy organization.

In Buffalo, employees will be donning their denim to support the Northeast Kidney Foundation. The Firm has a special interest in this organization, and has supported many related causes due to employees affected by kidney-related diseases.

Kidney disease is a major health problem in the United States.  Northeast statistics indicate that there are 26 million people currently affected by kidney disease, with 20 million more at risk.  Of those with kidney disease, 350,000 people across the country are currently receiving dialysis treatment.  At an average cost of $71,000 per person per year for dialysis treatment, chronic kidney disease is a huge drain on our healthcare system.   In addition, there are more than 110,000 people on the Northeast waiting list for an organ transplant; 85,000+ are waiting for a kidney.

Kidney disease has a diminishing effect on a person’s quality of life.  Those receiving dialysis treatment are often unable to work and thus the financial and emotional burden on the individuals and their families is astounding.  The Northeast Kidney Foundation provides patient programs and education, including direct financial assistance, and provides community screenings that can identify early on individuals with signs of kidney disease.

Through early identification and education, patients are able to receive appropriate treatment that can delay and prevent the need for dialysis and transplantation treatment in the future.  In addition, the Northeast Kidney Foundation embraces the entire family through its initiatives.  Educational programs are held throughout the year for patients and their families along with social outings that bring together families in a warm and supportive environment.  By focusing on the care of kidney patients as well as the prevention of kidney disease, we can improve the lives of those affected by kidney disease. To learn more, check out