Freed Leads- You Connect…..What a concept, and it was a concept that became the motivation behind this year’s Freed Maxick’s “State of the Firm”.

From Lego filled vases, to colorful banners, to drumsticks and “stomp-style” entertainment, this year’s State of the Firm had it all. But the message was the central theme – connect; to each other, to the managers, to the clients, to the community. With speeches on growth, empowerment, new initiatives, change and strategy, the State of the Firm provided all of us with perspective on the future of the accounting profession and our roles in it.

But it wasn’t all about information. Humor abound when a well rehearsed stumble took place during Ron Soluri Sr.’s opening speech. Silverware and dishes clanked and rang as they fell to the floor, with the audience looking more than a bit perplexed. “That poor waiter” I heard one say. But that poor waiter knew what he was doing as the crashing silverware became a gorgeous melody to what ended up being a wonderful performance and the “real” start to the day. Industrial Rhythm, a New York City percussion troupe showed their chops, stomping, drumming, and dancing to the beat all the while engaging the crowd; getting us all drumming our sticks and tapping our feet. Who wouldn’t want to connect after a performance like that?

Freed Maxick State of the Firm

By midday employees had a better understanding of Freed’s vision for the future, its successes and why each and every employee is so valuable to the Firm. Breakout sessions consisted of case study interpretations and gave each department a better understanding of what the other does. Lunch time was a time for camaraderie and relaxation while enjoying the various stations of cultural cuisine. Everything from fajitas and risotto, to thai soup and sushi were offered. Gregarious laughter filled the room as employees mingled and shared stories.

But the real treat came when the convention hall was transformed into a red carpet awards ceremony. Hues of purple, green and blue lights shone the stage while presenters Michelle Sullivan and Ryan Grady looked dapper in their regal gown and black tuxedo. Between laughter and well placed jokes, the “Freed Leads” Awards were presented to individuals and groups who exemplify the core values of Freed Maxick. Appreciation and gratitude filled the air as each winner, or group of winners took the stage.

The 2014 Freed Maxick State of the Firm trumpeted us out as we closed the 2013 year with strength in numbers and success, both personally and professionally. For more pictures from the event please see our Freed Maxick Facebook page.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners!

image rights SM Traphagen