As we recover from our second blizzard of the season, Buffalonians continue to prove we are a hardy bunch! As I look out my window of the Liberty Building today, I see blue skies and sunshine – a far cry from the whiteouts of last week.  Spring must be near!

So even though we know we can do this and it takes more than the words “Lake Effect” to scare us, if it’s all the same to you, Mother Nature, can we be done now?

Below are some candid observations to demonstrate we are so over this winter:

  • At the start of the season, your gloves match your scarf, and they both match your coat.  Now you’re lucky if your gloves match each other.  Ditto for socks.
  • Your first decision of the day is “Black or Gray Pants?” and you decide to go with the pair with the least salt stains at the hems.
  • Your “go-to black cardigan” has more pills than CVS.
  • You say or hear “Polar Vortex” at least once a day.
  • You have at least two snow brushes in your car.  If you’re like me, the brush broke on one and the scraper part broke on the other, so you definitely still need both.  Oh yeah, and a broom.
  • You can’t remember the original color of your car – they’re all grayish, whiteish, ickish with salt film now.
  • When the temps soar to 33, you still can’t bring yourself to wait in the line at the car wash.
  • Don’t even mention what the floor mats inside your car look like now.
  • Guarantee that the first time you drive and it’s just a little sunny, you will regret not refilling the windshield wash and replacing the wipers.
  • If you’re a female in an office, you have approximately four pairs of shoes under your desk.  Why schlep them back and forth each day when you can just kick them under the desk and wear them tomorrow?
  • In every pocket of every coat or jacket you have, you may find: crumpled tissues, the last remnants of a chapstick, a sticky cough drop.
  • Thank goodness we changed the clocks.  Instead of putting your pajamas on at 7 p.m. now, you put them on at 7:30 p.m.
  • You’re amazed at the amount of dry skin you can shed daily.  With the furnaces, radiators, etc. cranking, snakes have nothing on us now.
  • Static?  Oh yeah!  I’ve got your stinkin’ static!  In my hair, my skirts, my pants, everything has a charge.  Exactly how many times will I shock myself on my office doorknob?

It’s okay, Buffalo.  It’s almost over.  Use that tropical scene as your wallpaper.  Change your ringtone to a reggae or steel band tune.  It’s only a few more days until Spring!  Just a little over two months until the Allentown Art Festival and beach time!  Three months until the Taste of Buffalo festival and baseball!

And seven months until we start hearing Christmas music on the radio. Ouch!

Well, check out this video to remind yourself that spring and summer in Western New York rocks!