On Thursday, April 10th the Northeast Kidney Foundation held their annual “Gift of Life Celebration” gala at Brookfield Country Club in Clarence, New York.  Each year, several awards are given to honor local clinicians, healthcare practices, and businesses that have been invaluable in the renal community and that have supported the Northeast Kidney Foundation’s growth in Buffalo.

Northeast Kidney Foundation

I’ve been volunteering with the Northeast Kidney Foundation since they came to this area about two years ago, but my connection with the kidney community in Buffalo started much earlier.  Growing up, my dad suffered from kidney disease and was a transplant recipient from my uncle. He served as the president of the National Kidney Foundation of Western New York for many years, and he was influential in helping the organization to grow. I’ve been going to the “Kidney Walk” every summer for as long as I can remember, and I always admired my dad for volunteering so much of his time to help other people who suffer from kidney disease.

My dad passed away in January of 1998, when I was only nine years old. To honor him and his dedication to the Kidney Foundation, the “Jeff Stolzenburg Legacy Award” is given each year to an organization or business that exemplifies the same spirit and passion for community service and helping others that he had.

This year, Freed Maxick CPAs was selected to win the Jeff Stolzenburg Legacy Award! Freed Maxick has always been supportive of the efforts of the Kidney Foundation, from the time my dad worked at Freed Maxick through today. The Firm also encourages all employees to get involved in the community and “give back”.  Keeping connected to the community is one of Freed Maxick’s core values and the Firm is extremely deserving of this award. I had the privilege of speaking at the event, and presenting the award to Managing Director Ron Soluri, Sr. on behalf of Freed Maxick. About 10 other Freed Maxick team members were present, and it was a great evening celebrating the “Gift of Life” that organ donation provides.

As an advisory board member for the Northeast Kidney Foundation, I serve on the Kidney Walk committee.  Our next upcoming event is the 2014 Kidney Walk and 5k, which will be held on June 15th at Delaware Park.  There will be a basket raffle, food, music, and free admission to the Buffalo Zoo following the event. I encourage everyone to come out and participate! Learn more HERE!!