Freed Maxick Chops, Rakes and Mulches Its Way Through the United Way Day of Caring

The Batavia Office took part in the 7th Annual Genesee County United Way Day of Caring on Wednesday May 14, 2014. The Day of Caring has turned into a county and now office tradition. Eleven employees from the Batavia Office (Erica Spezzano, Nancy Jackson, Nicole Cree, Amanda Taylor, Samantha Southall, Mike Lyons, Ashley Bell, Doug Daniszewski, Penny Sallome, Michele Calarco and Jonathan Tretter) joined over 350 other community members to volunteer their time to help around the county.

There were over 30 “work sites” that were able to benefit from this wonderful event. This was the largest turnout in recent years by the Freed Maxick Batavia Office as word is beginning to spread as to how great of an event this is to help the community.

The day started out with a kick-off at Dwyer Stadium where each team was asked to prepare a cheer. The Freed Maxick cheer made it clear to be an asset and not a liability which garnered some laughter from the crowd. After the kick-off, the teams headed out to their work sites around the county. The Batavia Office sent all of their volunteers to the YWCA. Much to surprise of the volunteers, the YWCA has over 6 acres of land behind their building. The team was given the task of cleaning up the wooded area to provide the children of the summer youth program with an outdoor adventure area.

The work included cutting down trees, mulching those trees, clearing out brush, raking paths as well as building gathering areas within the woods for the children.  Not only did the day present a wonderful opportunity to give something back to the community that gives so much to all of us, but it also presented an opportunity to build the personal relationships between co-workers while helping out others. This is just one of the many ways that Freed Maxick supports its local communities and charities.