First, I’d like to begin by discussing valuable information technology and security updates, followed by tips on keeping pace with regulation changes regarding risk management, and conclude with the importance of managing those risks.

I’m kidding!  That would be one very lengthy and technical blog, requiring a mental workout and quite possibly a layman’s translation. Although Freed Maxick covers those kinds of educational topics on their “Summing it Up” blog, this will be a bit different.

While I’ll be learning all about the Firm’s Enterprise Risk Management practice this spring and summer during my internship with Freed Maxick, I wanted to compose a blog to introduce myself. I wanted to share with you my excitement to be involved with this blog and the Firm, and provide a look at my personal experience as an intern at Freed Maxick. I expect to learn a lot while I’m here!

So far only two weeks have passed, but it feels as if I have been working here for quite some time and I absolutely enjoy it!  For those unfamiliar with the firm, Freed Maxick offers a phenomenal program called “MAX Internships,” which provides students with the opportunity to experience every sector of the accounting profession.  Unlike those students, I joined the firm as an Enterprise Risk Management intern.  You may be thinking “What is Enterprise Risk Management?” and those familiar with the field might wonder “How is that related to accounting?”

Personally, my view is that all organizations require financial services, technological and security services, and well thought out advice.  Freed Maxick’s Enterprise Risk Management division incorporates all three in their practice in order to provide clients with value-added services.  Yes, it differs from taxation and financial audits, but it requires that individuals think outside of the box as well as to pay close attention to details. The services we offer to our clients are perhaps the most important of all – the ability to judge uncertainty and provide a viable solution for it.

Now that I hope I have your attention and interest, the experience that Freed Maxick has provided me with thus far has been truly invaluable to my career.  Never has a job made me look forward to waking up and going to work like this one has!  The Firm’s training program familiarized me with the staff and management, prepared me with the knowledge needed to utilize their software, and made me feel like part of the team from day one.

While settling in with the ERM department, I realized it is a fast-paced working environment that is immensely involved with its clients.  Most of the time, all personnel are out of the office at a client’s site performing field work and consultations.  That is of extreme significance to me because it is a position that utilizes my knowledge in the public accounting field, and at the same time provides me with opportunities to communicate, socialize, and meet a variety of the Firm’s clients.  I guess you can say it adds a “personal touch” to our services.

Alright, enough about me and how cool the ERM department really is!  To end my first blog with a bang, I would like to share an article with you all that I recently read on the Buffalo News titled “Website Deems Buffalo the “Best Medium-Sized City for New College Grads.”  As a recent graduate from a local private college, reading this article was comforting, motivating, and gratifying.  For those who are from Buffalo, we have known this for quite a while, but it is nice for the city to be recognized because we all occasionally take our community and our location for granted. With that said, I appreciate Freed Maxick’s positive contribution to it!