Late June, 2014- So here I sit at Midway airport. My flight was scheduled to leave Chicago at 7:40pm, and so far it’s delayed until 11:25pm due to a tornado threat. Yikes!  Although I’m frustrated, tired, and uncomfortable, things could be worse (see “tornado threat” above). I have my laptop, WiFi, and some free time to test out all the cool new things I learned at the 2014 PePcon Conference.

PePcon is short for “Print and ePublishing Conference”. The focus of this four- year old yearly event is on the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily Adobe InDesign (a popular graphics program I regularly use). Sounds exciting, right? Yeah, well it really was!

What could be better than spending three days with a group of peers who share similar concerns and challenges and want to help each other succeed? Great instructors, that’s what!

Founded by world-renowned InDesign experts David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción, the event featured instructors well-known in their respective fields.  Not only were they informative, they were engaging, entertaining and made me laugh!

One of the highlights for me was hearing the keynote delivered by Lynda Weinman, founder of Lynda’s talk was both inspiring and emotional at the very least. Her life and career path is amazing, and everyone should take the opportunity to hear her speak if they get the chance.

All in all, I give this conference two thumbs-up. I learned a ton, connected with a group of talented designers and marketing folks, and had a little bit of fun in the Windy City!