This is the time of year for on-campus interviewing and hiring of students for entry-level positions in 2015.  Currently, Freed Maxick posts our opportunities at 16 colleges and universities.

Top 10 Interview Tips

If you are a student contemplating future opportunities, consider these 10 points when you are interviewing:

  1. What is the reputation of the firm in the community?
  2. Is the firm known on campus by professors and students?  If you know others who have accepted positions with the firm, reach out to them to see how well they are enjoying working there.
  3. Did you get a good feeling from speaking to their representatives at Meet the Accountants events?
  4. Do they seem as if they would care about you as an individual and not just as an accountant?
  5. What does the firm offer to help pass the CPA exam?
  6. Is their website user friendly? Does it provide a positive impression? Do they use stock photos or actual photos of employees?
  7. Are they connected on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?
  8. Are they committed to CPE and training?
  9. Is there room for advancement?  How many people have they promoted in the last five years?
  10. When you tour the office are the doors open or closed?  Are people smiling and do they greet you when you walk by?

Based on the tremendous amount of opportunities for accounting students, you have many options.  Now is the time to do your homework and make the right long-term decision for you.