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To Specialize Or Not – That is the question!

In the Accounting world today, graduates are faced with many decisions. One of them being – should I specialize in an industry so early in my career? In general, most accountants have already made decisions to start careers providing assurance, tax, risk management or other related public accounting services. However, many of us are also…

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Employee Benefits Plan Conference 2015

Did you know the stone used to build the Washington Monument is a different color at the top because construction was halted for 23 years during the Civil War? During the war, there was a lack of available funds to finish the project and when construction resumed, they had to continue with a different shade…

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Fashion & Finance: Do’s and Don’ts for New Recruits

I write a bi-weekly fashion blog for national accounting trade publication Accounting Today. This week I covered a topic that many firms across the country face… their new recruits and entry level employees navigating through corporate dress codes. Accounting Today Fashion & Finance Blog– August 31, 2012 Check out my post and feel free to leave…

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