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Late June, 2014- So here I sit at Midway airport. My flight was scheduled to leave Chicago at 7:40pm, and so far it’s delayed until 11:25pm due to a tornado threat. Yikes!  Although I’m frustrated, tired, and uncomfortable, things could be worse (see “tornado threat” above). I have my laptop, WiFi, and some free time…

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Accounting Services - Buffalo CPA

Majors with the Most Pre-Graduation Job Offers

Wanted to repost this article from Yahoo! According to a recent study, students in these degrees receive more job offers before graduation…. Check out Major #3! Looks like a career in accounting is a best bet for a promising career. From the article, “Why Employers Like It: There are three primary reasons why accounting firms…

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Freed Maxick Goes to Boot Camp

Earlier this month, Freed Maxick was invited to participate in the First Job Fair Boot Camp at Niagara University. Mike Skowronski and the team from NU’s Career Center put together a terrific agenda of experts to provide their insight, knowledge and professional tips for beginning a career search. Stephanie Newman, Assisted Director of the Career Center,…

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