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College Seniors and Masters Students – Time to APPLY Yourselves! We have something to OFFER!

The search is underway for our 2013 entry-level staff! We have multiple openings in our Buffalo, Batavia and Rochester offices, in the Audit, Tax, EAS (Small Business), Risk Management and Asset Based Lending areas. This season, we’re trying a new approach and inviting university candidates to apply directly through our website. We’re asking for a…

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Job Applicant Makes a Silly Mistake

Check out this pretty funny email response from an aspiring trader. Thanks Business Insider! Just remember it doesn’t hurt to have someone proof your cover letters, resumes and other communications with a prospective employer! Reminds me of the time my husband told me about someone at work who answered the typical interview question about weaknesses…

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What to Wear: Some Great Advice from a Fashion Blogger

Saw this great blog post about “what to wear” for your internship interview. Take a look at it here! A good point is that not all companies are the same, and you should do your research before showing up in what you think is the appropriate attire. Most finance companies and accounting firms have a far more…

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