University Hires - Buffalo Rochester NY
University Hires - Buffalo Rochester NY
University Hires - Buffalo Rochester NY
University Hires - Buffalo Rochester NY

University Hires

Freed will help you advance your career.

You want choice, knowledge and opportunities; you want to make an impact. We want those things for you, too. We’ll provide you with the freedom to choose your career path and the tools to achieve success. It’s important that you enjoy your career with us.

Success means enjoying what you do.

Your Career

Careers at Freed Maxick CPAs

When you join our team, you’ll benefit from rewarding positions, collaborating with talented people and enjoying a diverse career experience.

Building Your Accounting Career

Freed Maxick gives you the support to follow an advancing career path. Capable staff associates advance to positions with more responsibilities by demonstrating their professional skills on the job. As an entry-level accountant, you’ll work with an array of firm clients that represent various industries.

Advancement to mid-level positions comes with experience, and to more senior management positions as you develop skill sets and demonstrate your management capabilities and technical expertise.

Experience Brings Opportunity

When you’re promoted to Supervisor or Manager, that means you’ve already developed in an area of specialization such as a service niche or industry, like manufacturing, healthcare or international commerce.

If you become a Director, that means you’ll have demonstrated the ability to be a trusted business advisor, with high levels of professionalism, ethics and sound technical expertise. You’ll have proven yourself adept at sales and marketing, and the career development of staff.

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Start Your Career Search

Learning is the best way to see if Freed is the right fit for you.

MAX Internships

The Mentored Accounting Experience

The 2018 MAX internship application period is now open.

To review program requirements and gain more information, please click here to download the brochure.

To review program requirements and gain more information on the Enterprise Risk Management internships, please click here to download the brochure.

Completed applications will now be accepted between July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. In order to apply, please download the 2018 MAX Internship Application by clicking here and then following the directions on items required and how to submit. To apply for the Enterprise Risk Management internship, please download the ERM Internship Application by clicking here.

Our MAX internships offer real-world learning for accounting students every June through August. Be part of Freed Maxick’s fun and fast-paced environment. You’ll learn, grow and equip yourself with the skills needed to jump start your career.

As a MAX Program intern, you’ll be part of Western New York’s largest public accounting firm and gain real-world accounting industry experience, along with one-on-one time with our staff in a six-week, fast-paced schedule, including rotations through service areas such as Accounting & Auditing, Tax, Enterprise Risk Advisory Management and Employee Benefit Plan Services.

What You’ll Gain

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Networking with Freed Maxick staff of all levels and Directors
  • Exposure to a variety of service areas, from an audit and tax perspective
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Exciting and challenging client assignments
  • Refined technical skills through Freed-sponsored CPE sessions
  • Real work experience in audit and tax practices
  • Access to an engagement team to discuss client matters
  • Evaluations and feedback throughout the internship
  • A salary that is competitive with that of our first-year, full-time staff

MAX Program Requirements

  • Completion of MAX Program application (available here when posted)
  • Minimum “B” Grade Average in Accounting Principles I & II
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.3
  • Current transcript and resume
  • Completion of two essays


MAX Program Internship Contact

Shawn Frier, CPA, CFE, MAX Program Coordinator

Freed Maxick CPAs
424 Main Street, Suite 800
Buffalo, NY 14202

Read what our last class of interns had to say:

“Over the course of six weeks, the MAX Program offered a one-of-a-kind internship experience. During that time, I worked with a variety of clients and learned more than I ever did from a textbook. The MAX Program exposed me to many of the different areas of public accounting, which was a priceless opportunity to explore…

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“The MAX Program was one of the most beneficial learning experiences of my college career. During the six weeks I spent in this program I actually felt like I was one of the Freed Maxick staff members. I was able to learn things that no college textbook could have ever taught me and the experience…

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“Throughout my experience with Freed Maxick, I was able to gain invaluable experience as a MAX Program intern. I was provided with the opportunity to work in the auditing and tax departments, allowing me to obtain hands-on experience that I could not have received anywhere else. The energy in the office is contagious, making Freed a…

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“The MAX Program was the perfect jumpstart to my career. It was important for me to not only experience different areas of accounting, but also ensure that I would enjoy the people I would be working with. It didn’t take long for me to realize I had made the right choice. The culture was second…

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Expand your options through education.

CPA Exam

Educate Yourself

You are just beginning your career in accounting, and many exciting challenges lie ahead. At Freed Maxick, we’ll help you develop the foundation you need to face challenges head-on while you take your career to the next level by taking the CPA Exam. You must pass this exam in order to qualify for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant in any of the 55 U.S. jurisdictions—the 50 states; the District of Columbia; Puerto Rico; U.S. Virgin Islands; Guam; and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.

Steps for Success

    • Prepare for the Exam
    • Review the Content Specification Outlines (CSOs)
    • Review the Policy on New Pronouncements
    • Review the Confidentiality and Break Policy Statement
    • Take a Tutorial and Sample Tests
    • Study
    • Decide on the Jurisdiction to Which to Apply (NY State)
    • Apply for the Examination
    • Schedule the Examination
    • Take the Examination
    • Receive Score(s)
    • Celebrate

CPA Exam Policy for Full-time Employees

As a full-time employee of our firm, you are strongly encouraged to take and pass the CPA exam.

Freed Maxick will assist you in the following ways:


We partner with Becker CPA Review to provide assistance to our employees studying for the exam.

  • CPA students who complete the Becker course pass the CPA exam at twice the rate of non-Becker Students
  • Over 400,000 CPAs have successfully passed the exam using the Becker CPA Review course
  • The course is offered in three flexible formats: live, online or a self-study CD

As an employee of our Firm, you will qualify to take the course at a significant savings. The cost can be taken as a payroll deduction.


The Directors of Freed Maxick CPAs offer financial assistance to our employees in taking and passing the exam, thereby providing them a much-valued, transferable and lifelong credential.

This policy applies to all entry-level, first and second year staff accountants, who are CPA/Promotion track employees:

  • Upon hire, you will receive a bonus to cover exam registration fees
  • You will have six months from your start date to register for the CPA exam


You will be paid for the time you take to sit for the exam: two days per section for a maximum of eight days.


If you sit for, and pass all parts of the CPA exam within the first two years of your hire date, you will receive a bonus.

Campus Events

Campus Events

Our professionals will be at several events throughout the Fall at numerous colleges and universities. Please check the dates and locations below.

Meet the Accountants

September 7, 2017 Medaille College
September 11, 2017 St. Bonaventure
September 12, 2017 Niagara University
September 13, 2017 University at Buffalo
September 14, 2017 Canisius College
September 14, 2017 SUNY Oswego
September 15, 2017 RIT
September 18, 2017 St. John Fisher
September 19, 2017 SUNY Geneseo
September 19, 2017 SUNY Brockport
September 21, 2017 SUNY Fredonia

On-Campus Interviews

September 20, 2017 Niagara University 
September 22, 2017 RIT
September 25, 2017 St. Bonaventure
September 26, 2017 SUNY Brockport
September 28, 2017 Canisius College
October 2, 2017 SUNY Fredonia
October 3, 2017 University at Buffalo
October 5, 2017 SUNY Geneseo
October 10, 2017 St. John Fisher