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Healthcare Consulting - Buffalo Rochester NY
Healthcare Consulting - Buffalo Rochester NY
Healthcare Consulting - Buffalo Rochester NY

Performance Improvement & Project Management

Performance Improvement & Project Management

The healthcare industry is moving aggressively to meet the challenges of the marketplace. These changes were set in motion by a variety of factors, including the call for more affordable healthcare, a reversal of the trend in U.S. healthcare performance in relation to other countries, quality concerns, the need for greater technology and data sharing, and the rising number of uninsured. Recent legislative changes have accelerated the pace of change, impacting payment policies, organization and infrastructure, public health, and other key areas. Healthcare organizations will be challenged to retool to keep pace with pending changes. How will your organization change to compete?

Freed Maxick Healthcare can work with your organization to achieve performance improvement and transform your organization for success in the wake of healthcare reform.

Setting the business imperative

  • What resources are required to execute your strategy to be aligned in the market?
  • How much is required to be over the next 3 years?
  • How much capital do you need to support your future expansion and replacements?
  • What balance sheet improvements are required to support lender requirements?

The Program Management Office is the center of all initiatives. All activities in improving performance are coordinated through a Program Management Office which:

  • Manages facilitation of all forums
  • Organizes benchmarking and analytics
  • Provides subject matter expertise to support determination of “how to” questions
  • Monitors interim milestones to keep close track of progress, even before results are expected
  • Ties results to general ledger to ensure value is actually achieved
  • Closely monitors “Critical Drivers Dashboard” to ensure that key business metrics remain on track
  • Provides tools to monitor real time achievement of revenue, productivity, non-salary and throughput improvement activities
  • Maintains coaching and mentoring tools, and capabilities to support executive’s success in improving performance
  • Continuously identifies improvements to perpetuate the process in the long-term

Performance Improvement and Project Management Services

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Reimbursement Project Management
  • Supply Chain Assessment