Mother, Senior Manager – I am Nicole, I am FM.

Did you start your career at Freed Maxick? If not, what led you to Freed Maxick and what was your experience before you came here?

I started my career with a different firm after graduating from RIT. I interned there and after two years in their Rochester office began to look for an opportunity closer to home. Freed Maxick’s agricultural practice piqued my interest. At the previous firm, I only worked on tax returns and never accounting, trial balance work or financial statements – all services that our clients needed. Within my first year at Freed, I had my hand in all of that. I was able to test the water to see what I was good at, and where my passion lies. I really appreciated the opportunities I was given and believe it was so beneficial to my development as an accounting professional. 


Do you feel Freed Maxick has been attentive and flexible to your needs as a working mom?

Yes. I’ve worked hard to earn the trust of my Directors and they understand that my “mom hat” is my first priority. The Firm allows me to adjust my schedule as I need to, for preschool pick up/drop off, sick children, doctor appointments, you name it! My schedule may not be the traditional 9-5 Monday-Friday, but when the deadlines hit, my deliverables to the clients and coworkers are met. 


How do you feel about working for Freed Maxick?

I would recommend it to anyone. We are all truly valued, and the Firm is constantly rolling out new programs to accommodate everyone. The trust you’re given is a reflection of what you’ve earned. When you are accountable for your actions, committed to your clients and provide great service, you’ll see how hard the Firm works for you!