Accounting Services - Buffalo Rochester NY
Accounting Services - Buffalo Rochester NY
Accounting Services - Buffalo Rochester NY
Accounting Services - Buffalo Rochester NY


Freed Maxick provides its clients with a full range of services aimed at enhancing profitability, saving taxes, improving accountability and preserving wealth.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Freed Maxick’s Business Intelligence Consulting practice focuses on understanding opportunities that otherwise would go unnoticed in your data. Business Intelligence (BI) consulting helps your organization leverage the siloed and disparate data you already generate, bring it into a single data model, and make it accessible using intuitive and interactive dashboards. This transforms your data into…

Accounting & Advisory Services

  Dealing with disruption is the new business standard – are you keeping up or lagging behind? Every business is vulnerable to disruptions – generation changes, industry shifts, regulatory modifications, talent shortages, weather delays, and yes, even global pandemics. Better tools and solid processes minimize the impact of these disruptions to ensure business continuity as…

Reimbursement Consulting

Freed Maxick is a premier provider of financial consulting and advisory services for healthcare organizations. Our team of experts specializes in reimbursement consulting, a vital area of expertise for healthcare providers. Reimbursement consulting involves advising healthcare providers on how to optimize their revenue streams from various sources, such as Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and other…

Assurance Services

Delivering quality assurance services to help your business or organization spot hidden opportunities or potential trouble areas.

Consulting Services

Don’t leave your company’s future to chance. Freed Maxick’s consultants help you find the right direction for your organization—and keep you on track.

Tax Services

We keep a year-round eye on your tax needs, alerting you to any changes that may affect you.