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Financial Consulting - Buffalo Rochester NY
Financial Consulting - Buffalo Rochester NY
Financial Consulting - Buffalo Rochester NY

Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Leveraging opportunities are essential to realizing your company’s strategic plan. The right opportunity can help your organization gain market share, enter new product markets, or reinforce your current position. However, other opportunities can ultimately lead to distraction and weaken your overall position. The key to success is in understanding which opportunities are best for your business. To gain this understanding often requires the assistance of a business partner that understands your strategic goals and who can effectively assess each opportunity.

Whether you are exploring a buy-side acquisition strategy or a particular target company, Freed Maxick’s buy-side diligence team of business consultants can help you every step of the way. Our experienced professionals provide consistent service, expert due diligence with knowledge in top industry sectors, and years of transaction advisory experience. You can be confident that a business partner is working to maximize value for your organization through all phases of the investment cycle. By providing valuation advisory services to many companies and corporate executives, we have developed the tools to accurately measure and successfully build value. By employing these techniques, owners and managers can determine their company’s value, what drives it, and how to enhance that value through both mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and daily operations.

Our Transaction Advisory Services

Freed Maxick provides transaction advisory services that cover a wide range of business support planning and due diligence, including fund assurance and tax services, buy-side acquisitions and sell-side assistance, portfolio company assurance, cash flow metrics, and technology and risk advisory consulting.


Our Firm has a long history of serving cash flow and asset based lenders including agreed upon procedures and collateral field exams. As an experienced service provider to financial institutions, Freed Maxick has provided financial due diligence services and field exams to help various lenders satisfy their underwriting responsibilities and make informed decisions regarding the credit worthiness of a transaction. Our professionals can also help structure an appropriate financing plan that will satisfy your institution’s lending guidelines and ensure your key lending relationships with your private equity clients lead to a successful deal.

Public and Private Companies

Through our financial diligence and advisory services we have helped business managers create, measure, build, preserve, and maximize value in M&A transactions. Public company management focuses on value because it is reflected in the stock price—the daily score card of their performance relative to other investment choices. Private companies often need this market feedback and direction. Having the ability to accurately measure and manage the value of smaller businesses or business segments is critical.

Cash Flow Metrics

Our Differentiator – Operating cash flow can be a useful early warning indicator for future earnings problems. It’s important to consider non-recurring items to obtain a true measure of sustainable cash flow. Cash flow metrics can focus on the trend in sustainable operating cash flow and identify areas that can boost a company’s cash flow generation and liquidity to meet its obligations or commitments.

Merger and Acquisition Assistance

While the promise of growth and economic gain is real, analysts warn that without careful planning and analysis, many mergers and acquisitions can ultimately fail to live up to their initial promise.The key to a successful merger or acquisition is drafting an M&A roadmap that will:

  • Target the right company to merge with or acquire
  • Provide guidance on drafting an agreement once the right company has been identified
  • Outline specific steps necessary to coordinate a well-planned implementation of the merger or acquisition

How Freed Maxick Can Help

Few business activities are more complex or risky than making an acquisition. A thorough pre-acquisition review provides an opportunity to anticipate and negotiate critical business issues that many times emerge during the post-acquisition period. Freed Maxick can review every aspect of your business an acquisition may affect, including:

  • Product lines and markets
  • Operations, including plant facilities, production, purchasing, inventories and costing
  • Financial considerations
  • Operating results
  • Balance sheet review
  • Financing and capital structure
  • Forecasts