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Technology Consulting - Buffalo CPA Firm
Technology Consulting - Buffalo CPA Firm
Technology Consulting - Buffalo CPA Firm

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

In today’s fast-paced, information-rich business environment, even a successful organization can get caught up in managing technology instead of using technology to help manage business. We understand that upgrading your company’s information system is a crucial and costly decision. We have knowledgeable consultants who have many years of experience with effectively implementing a wide variety of software products including the most common mid-range and major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting packages.

Technology Risk Management

Our Firm is a full-service provider of information technology consulting services. We offer services including technology deployment, security/compliance and business application solutions. By working with us, you will align your technology investments to your strategic plan and protect your institution against current and future threats.

Our experienced team of IT advisors understand all aspects of information technology for financial institutions, including the complex and ever changing regulatory environment.

Information Systems (IT) Assessments & Systems Review

Using the most appropriate technology and information systems is critical to your success, and at the rapid speed in which technology advances, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the changes. Taking full advantage of automation and these technological advances better positions you to compete profitably in the future.

Technology Assessment and Review Services

Freed Maxick’s technology professionals have extensive experience in assessing the effectiveness of your information systems. Our assessment examines your current use of technology and identifies areas where improvements would increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. The goal is to help you maximize your technology investment.

Our approach to a technology assessment often includes the following elements:

  • Identification of unmet management information technology needs
  • Identification of current and future IT needs
  • Pinpointing where bottlenecks occur and how technology contributes to these bottlenecks
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis and suggested solutions to issues identified during the assessment

There are several benefits to a technology assessment, including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Minimized risk of costly technology decisions
  • Enhanced competitive position through the optimal use of technology
  • Confidence that your technology investments will support future needs
  • Improved use of current technology
  • More secure operations